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TIME    ORGANIZATION            PERFORMING                                       

12:00             The Collective                                                  Opening Ceremony/Parade                                                              

12:15             Immersion Youth Repertory                          Musical Numbers & Shakespeare Scenes           

12:30             Absolute Theatre                                             Macbeth                

12:45             Upstart Theatre                                                Romeo & Juliet in 15 Minutes                              


1:00               Brave Community Theatre                             Madams Song from Stephen Sondheim                                                    

1:15               Rochester Community Technical College     King Lear

1:30               Immersion Youth Repertory                           A Midsummer Nights Dream                          

2:00               Immersion Youth Repertory                           Hamlet

2:30              Z Theatre                                                             Murder Ballad

2:45              Winona Friendship Center                               Pyramus & Thisbe (From Midsummer)       


3:00              Great River Shakespeare                                  Cymbaline & Macbeth

3:30              In Heart Theatre                                                Much Ado About Nothing

3:45              Mayo High School                                              Othello

4:00              Rochester Repertory Theater                          Twelfth Night

4:15              Brave Community Theatre                               Renaissance Fashion Show

4:30              Mayo High School                                              Hamlet

4:45              John Marshall  High School                              Romeo & Juliet

5:00              Squirrel Association                                          Shakespearean Insults/Improv Comedy            

5:15                                                                                            Dark Lady of the Sonnets

5:30              Great River Shakespeare                                  Cymbaline & Macbeth

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