Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: “When and where does the Festival take place?”
A: The 1st Annual Rochester Shakespeare Festival takes place on SATURDAY JUNE 15, 2019 at the PEACE PLAZA in DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER. At Noon, the Opening Ceremonies are held at the Peace Plaza Stage. Performances are held there from noon until 6pm.


Q: "How can I participate?"

A: ATTEND JUNE 15th - $5 for the whole day, buy tickets the DAY OF at the ticket booth.

A: Performers - Performance slots are filled for this year. Email us here to perform next year!

A: Vendors - Vendor slots are filled for this year. Email us here to vend next year!

A: Volunteer - 'It takes a village!' We'd love your help to make this event successful! Email us here.

Q: "How long are the performances?"

A: Performances for the festival are anywhere from 15-30 Minutes long.

Q: "Will there be any other performances other than Shakespeare?"

A: Most organizations will be performing traditional Shakespeare scenes, however, we also have a Renaissance fashion show, a comedy improv troupe, musical selections and dance.

Q: "Is there anything for kids to do?"

A: YES! Most performances are 15 minutes, also kids can enjoy their own 'play stage,' dressing up, having a puppet show, watching artists demonstrations, try juggling, making puppets and flower crowns, get face painting or a henna tattoo, and enjoy the Renaissance themed food!

Q: "Should I dress up?"

A: Vendors and actors will be dressed up and there will be a costume contest for attendees! You are encouraged to do so, but not required!


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